Thursday, August 25, 2005

There ain't no rules!

Well, only a few:

There are no strict rules about how often you post, but one or twice a month would be good!
If you'd like the button supplied with the code, please save it to your own server or web space. Feel free to design your own button if you'd like.
Please install the full code supplied on your blog, otherwise I won't be able to approve you.

Added: 28th of June 2007

Please ensure that the correct ring code is install on your blog as soon as you sign up.

If the code is not installed when I do my periodic checks, your site will be moved to the queue and wont show up on the ring. If the code reappears on a subsequent check of the queue, I'll put you back on the ring.

If the code is still missing after two weeks, I will email you with a reminder. If the code is still missing one month after the email reminder you will be removed from the queue.

If you want to leave the ring, please log in and remove yourself, or email me and ask me to do it for you.


Thank you!


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